CameraTrapLab Agouti

Agouti is an application for standardized processing and archiving of photographs from camera-trap surveys.

It is developed and maintained by scientists of Wageningen University, and is being used by organisations around the world. The operating costs are shared between users. Development of new functionality is funded by donations and user projects.

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Agouti Dashboard
Agouti Dashboard
Agouti Annotation Screen
Agouti Annotation Screen


Agouti can handle huge amounts of photographs, camera deployments and observations. It allows users to run multiple parallel projects.


Agouti follows scientific metadata standards. This ensures compatibility with open-access repositories such as eMammal and Wildlife Insights.

Smart & Intuitive

Agouti makes photo processing and annotation easy. Anyone from citizen scientist to seasoned researcher will enjoy the intiutive structure and handy tools.

Quick Results

Agouti allows users to easily export data in standardized formats, suitable for further processing in Excel, SPPS or R.

Project Management

Agouti makes it easy to manage camera-trap surveys. Clearly defined roles allow coordinators to manage projects and users.


Agouti greatly reduces the amount of time needed to process images, and prevents the loss of photographs and data.